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At various times, as communicated on the NCCC reflector, I record on specified frequencies on 75 meters to allow folks to hear how their audio sounds on the air.  For contesters, you can hear how you sound with your HC-5 and processors "cranked to 11"!  Whether you're looking for ESSB or contest-level "KB*" audio, you'll know exactly what everyone else is hearing...warts and all.


The archived files are 15-minute segments that have names like “2008.10.26-22.15-S.mp3” showing the date: 10/26/2009, and the time the segment started: 22:15 and are about 2.5 MB in size.  Just download the file and you can play it on any MP3 player.  Times are local time, Pacific.


You can simply fast-forward to the part of the file where you were transmitting, or you can edit the parts that you really want to analyze using an MP3 editing program such as free-ware program Audacity, available at: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/  .

Here is what to do:


1.         Note the DATE and TIME you were transmitting.

2.         Click on THIS LINK to go to the FTP site with the recordings.

3.         Click on the appropriate file, or save it and open it later for your listening and dancing pleasure!

* 'Kick Butt'