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REDXA presentation of "Exotic DX Vacation Rentals" PowerPoint (80 MB) or .pdf (20 MB)         

Check out Field Day 2007 article in Marin Independent Journal
Featuring REDXA Marin ARS with N6IE at the mic!

CLIMATEGATE:   E-mails PROVE it's a hoax!
E-mails: A Smoking gun?  No...A Mushroom Cloud!

"It's Over Mr. Gore!" Here's word from the US Senate
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British court rules "Inconvenient Truth" has 9 major untruths!  Read it here!
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US Congressional Report:  IPPC's 'Hockey Stick' is WRONG!
DancingDopesHot AirPolar Bears

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Absolutely the best compendium of articles and links about the global warming hoax I have ever seen!!

GREEN!  Great New Color - - Same Old Communists!
No We Won't!

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News Headline:  Was Reginald Fessenden really the world's first Broadcaster?
Apparently not!  Click here to read the fascinating article that debunks radio history's most famous legend!
The often-cited Christmas Eve 1906 broadcast appears to have been a hoax!

Orion II 566

VERSION 3 FOR ORION II AND ORION NOW PUBLIC!  Click here to download! New 2/3/2012

New SAF Audio Filter feature in v 3.xx is AWSOME!  Review to come.  Load the new version and try it!

TT offers High Performance Sub RX board that can be added to any Orion...Check the TT Website for Details!

Has your Orion II gone dead? Could be the "A9 Board Problem"!  Click here for the fix!

Ten Tec 238 Tuner Mod: More Power, Less Heat on 160 and 80!

See the FIRST published pictures of the inside of the Elecraft KPA800 and KPA1500 Solid State amplifiers!

Orion II TX Audio Response Curve. Updated 4/26/07 showing 2.038k!

My First Impression of the new Ten Tec Orion II after first three weeks of operation (Updated 8/29/06).

The Orion Frequency Stability Problem and My Simple Fix.

How to Recalibrate the Master Oscillator on the Orion and Orion II

The Orion II S-Meter Discrepancy Test Results and conversion chart.

My Ten Tec Orion II "Fix List" UPDATED 5/20/12 with v. 3.029 info!

N6AHA shack

Thanks for visiting my web page!  If you're on the west coast, listen for me on 75 meters around 9 p.m. most nights.


Here is the old configuration of the shack.  I'm now running a remote control station.


A look at the skyhooks!

       N6IE Equipment


Ten Tec Orion II HF transceiver (Main)
Kenwood TS-870 (backup transceiver)
ACOM 2000A Linear amplifier (Pair GU74B's)
Ten Tec Titan 425 Linear amplifier (Pair 3CX800A7's)
Ten Tec Model 238 Antenna Tuner


Heil PR-40 Microphone
W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer
W2IHY EQplus processor
Behringer UB1202 mixer board
Rane 1/3 Octave equalizer
Aphex 320 Compellor automatic level control
Aphex 720 Dominator II peak limiter

          Force 12 C-4 40-10 meter antenna (local for CW Skimmer and SDR band scope)
Force-12 75-meter rotatable dipole (local for CW Skimmer and SDR band scope)
US Towers 55' crank-up flagpole tower
SteppIR DB42 (at remote site)


This is the other side of the shack that's supposed to be my office.  Actually
it's the place where my 18 year old son spends all his waking hours playing video games
when he's not in school!

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Same Old Communists

New Red